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Aug 2, 2019
Corrosion Mapping Scanner MPS-01A­­
MPS-01A is specially used for Phased Array Corrosion Inspection. It is suitable for phased array immersion testing on pipeline.

  • Mini water storage tank for immersion testing.
  • Mouse shape design for easy control; small size and portable.
  • Wide coverage of sound beams to improve testing efficiency.
  • Consumable gasket fits tightly to the surface of the workpiece.
  • Reasonable bubble discharge design so that the coupling is not affected even by a few bubbles.
  • Irrigation of controlled water flow to adapt to good coupling of rough workpiece surface.
  • Attraction of strong magnetic wheels to the workpiece for stable operation.

Based on PA C-scan, the shape of the inner wall corrosion is simulated in the intuitive scan result with scattered spot corrosion being captured.

C-scan image on curved panel with SIUI logo
Overseas Exhibition
Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO 2019

  • New scanner CPS-02 for PAUT and TOFD inspection, suitable for checking welds for pipes with outer diameter 100-1000mm, which can carry up to 8 probes at the same time!
  • Glad to know another customer in South America using SIUI railway inspection product RailRover.
  • Special request for 1 connector with 4 PA probes: Customer comments 'The probe is configured, calibrated without problems. Conveniently, you do not need to use a splitter to connect. Overall dimensions of the device are reduced and it is convenient when working.'

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